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Before booking your ticket

Before completing your reservation, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the following important facts
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Lowcost or classic airline?

Lowcost airlines give less service for discounted prices. They can offer you much better prices than classical airlines, with their cost-effective operation. Some examples for the difference between services of lowcost and classical airlines:

  • lowcost airlines operate only with economy class shorthaul flights
  • their prices do not include any service on board
  • there is no preliminary seating: passengers take their seat where possible, or, they can buy seat reservation for extra cost.
  • the price of checked baggage depends on how many bags you have and the routing.
  • lowcost airlines use secondary airports, often 50-100km away from your original destination point.
  • to keep prices low, they sacrifice comfort by setting more seats into the aircraft, putting them closer to each other, that results in less legroom.
  • lowcost airlines do not maintain offices or client service. You can reach them per phone if being tolerant enough!

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Why should I chose Tensi?


  • We always offer the best rates and upmost fitting options to your expectations.
  • We have no „smallprinted” additional costs.
  • We give you a personalized service during and after our working hours.

For us, you are the most important!
What can I carry on the plane?

Due to the stricter security measures, a new safety regulation has come to effect regarding fluids to be carried on board, which covers soft drinks, gels, ointment, aerosol, toothpaste, shaving foam, hair gel, lipbalms and facial cremes.
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Airport security regulation

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Passengers rights
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